​​​​​​                                               DYFL

                                        The 2017 Season is upon us!!! 

                 Great job all teams this past week versus East Bay! 

     Next up is Middletown at Middletown September 17! Let's Go Indians!

                           Cheer Competition October 8, 2017 at DR.  RISMA FUN COMP 

PARENTS !!!  You are required to be present at all practices!! Football is a contact sport and if there is an injury your child wants and needs you there! Also in the case of inclement weather and should  practice get called early, it is unfair for the coaches to have to sit and wait for you.  


        Please check out our NEWS section for important info!  



                                                 Play hard, and Most of all HAVE FUN!   

President                                   Mike Boucher                    commissioner.dyfl2015@gmail.com  

Football Commissioner           Eriston ( Loyd) Aurora      commissioner.dyfl2017@gmail.com

Cheer Commissioner               Kim Mills                             cheer.dyfl2017@gmail.com

Secretary                                    Crystal Fiano                      secretary.dyfl2015@gmail.com

Treasurer                                    Sam Blevines                     treasurer.dyfl2017@gmail.com

Scholastic Coordinator             Melissa Boucher               scholastic.dyfl2015@gmail.com

Equipment Manager                 Frank Evangelho               equipment.dyfl2015@gmail.com

Fundraising Coordinator          Jodi Aurora                        fundraising.dyfl@gmail.com